prayer vigil at Bald Knob Cross for my parole

For Willie (IL)

“The Bald Knob Cross” in the Southern area of Illinois with someone of the Christian faith going there praying for me with the Grand Cross in the picture, praying that I am released from Tamms and that I make parole. I’ve been locked up 36 long years, and time in Tamms is hindering my chances of making parole! I am asking for corporeal intercessory prayers for my release from Tamms being initiated by this person and that Bald Knob Cross and the chain will cause my family and others to go there too.


Be sure to kindly include the “Bald Knob Cross” in the picture and to pray for my release from Tamms and to make parole. My family and church will also finish linking the chain of this event to symbolically start praying me out of Tamms. Please join in too!

[note on the back] Persistently offering prayers combined with solemn earnest efforts and devoted work does change things. God plus Tamms Year Ten is a dynamic team. Thank you!

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