man being released from prison, not knowing what road to choose to survive

For Ramon (NY)

I would like to see a man getting released from prison with $40.00 in his pocket with no family and no support after doing so many years in prison. Confuse with himself and don’t know which road to choose to survive out there in the world. Now, it ain’t easy with $40.00 dollars in your pocket and going to shelter with more drugs in a shelter than there’s in the streets. So, in other words there’s many roads in front of you to choose from, wether they’re good or bad. For example this is the roads that are presented to you when you leave prison. Lonely, confuse, no money and no hope it's a big thing for a human being getting released out of prison specially from SHU.. (illustration of human with roads that are labeled “Positive” “Negative” and “Death or back to Prison.”

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