coal-black man with exaggerated facial features and an ancient slave chain in map of NJ

For The Insane Poet (NJ)

My Vision I need the world to see... A Black man held in captivity. Vision: I want to see a coal-black man with very strong exaggerated facial features with an ancient slave chain & collar around his neck. If possible, have him coming out of the map of New Jersey (An out line) of the state of N.J. Please incorporate gun towers, barbed wire, brick wall, chain & shackles in the collage with the words: “Here we remain, yesterday's urban guerillas, abandoned in captivity.” — Ojore Lutalo


Use your own touch and creative vision. I would like a splash of red, black, and green in the photograph. Maybe a bit of an Afrikan theme. Thank you very much. Can't wait to see our vision and creation.

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