my auntie’s house and the whole block of 63rd and Marshfield facing west between 2:00-4:00pm

For Darrius “D-man” (IL)

I want a photo of the whole block of 63rd and Marshfield, on the South Side in the Englewood community (the 6300 block of South Marshfield is where I’m from). And, I want it taken in the day time, like between two and four o’clock p.m. in the even. Make sure there’s a lot of people outside.


(Pass out my name, address, and number to everyone outside on the block, and tell them it’s information to “D-man.”) Yes. I want the picture taken while there’s a lot of (or at least some) people standing around outside on the block. It’s a green and white duplex-like house (the only green and white house on the block) that my auntie “Gibby” live in. Let the people outside know that the picture is for “D-Man” (my nickname). And, I want the picture taken from the sidewalk (that’s leading to the T-shape alley going towards Ashland and 63rd) in front of the alley, facing slightly towards 64th and Marshfield. But, make sure majority of the west side of the block gets pictured.

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