whatever is still up at 63rd + King, 63rd + Calumet, and 48th + Wabash

For Charles (IL)

You know what I would love to have some pictures of if you can get som, 63rd and “King Dr”—63rd and Calumet—48th Wabash and 61st Indiana this what I would like to see, like I say I been in prison for over #21 years it will be #22 years this year. So if you can make it happen I would appreciate it very much if you all can do it. I do understand it may not be anything up no more but I would like to see the street’s and I no what use to be up....I feel forgotten, cast away but God uses this times to show how he never forgets about us no matter what, and I will like to thank you all for everything you do and everyone at Tamms Years Ten. I do feel bless having you all in my life. I’m grateful.

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