ocean sunset with birds flying and dolphins or whales swimming

For Jose (CA)

I would like to request a photograph of a scene of the ocean with a sunset and the bright sun illuminating the water and creating an orange/red sky and also within the photo have a flock of birds in a V formation flying towards the sunset and in the ocean have either dolphins or whales swimmung towards the sunset as well and any other animals of the ocean and sky. I have never seen an ocean sunset as I have been incarcerated for almost 20 years and I miss the aspect of nature and being free to fly around the world like a bird or a dolphin. Being in solitary confinement prohibits from touching dirt, grass, or even a tree and any part of nature or animals or anything from another earth. As long as the sunrises and sunsets everyday there is hope for life on the other side to be a part of humanity and not be treated like a caged animal or herd of cows being moved from one cave or cage to the next withought any human and social life at all.

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