combine these 3 photos so I can prove my innocence

For Charles

to whom it may may concern! how are you fine I hope, I would like to say thank you to you all for the work you all been doing for all of us at Tamms, I was in Tamms for over #11 years and every time you all wrote me I was very happy to hear from you all...I would also like to send my seasonal out to the family of Rep. Eddie Washington he is with God and I am should his blessing will be with us all. the stakes are high life doesn't get easier and we all no there are changes to be made, I know we are the write, director and actress in the move that is are life so we have to make it a Blockbuster Hit.


I am doing everything I can to get out of here. I been in prison for over #21 years for something I didn't do so all I do is work on my case and fight for my freedom and life back. I am staying this because I see you all are asking us what Photos we will like to have. you all will take it for us. I would appreciate it to, but it's something I been trying to get help with for years and had no money to get it did. I have #3 Photos they use at my trial two my attorney use and one the state attorney use. I am trying to get all #3 Photos put on digital paper because the People's I have who going to do the computer enhancement for me is an expert. But I need the Photos on Digital paper. Do you all no who can do this for me? if so can they replace my photos they was going to do for me and do this for me it may help me show misidentifications and my innocence. I am in prison for a crime I didn't do or no about and I'm not going to stop my fight to show my innocence, they use a Photographer to take me to trial and arrest me that not me as you will see, I have wrote to you all about this before so you all will have a better understand what I'm talking about. I do not have no more copy's of the photographers so if you can't help me please can you send the photos back to me please I would appreciate it so much.....

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