3 modern people in prison garments chained and crucified with defiant female messiah

For Rev. Augustus Enoch (PA)

The person must be 3 people 1 white man, 1 black woman, 1 hyspanic man, the location is a desert and the three people should be chained to a Ankh “☥” like Christ and the thief, and murder on the cross. The difference is they will be modern day people from our society being crucified by the system on the Ankh. A white man with no T-shirt tatted up in (orange) jail pants, and the female shall be the new black messiah she will be chained on the Ankh in the middle with a barbered wire crown on her long braids that are drenched in blood and flowing down her prison garments. The hyspanic prisoner will be just like the white prison with no tattoos, and only dark shades on covering his eyes. The female messiah will be looking up at the sky and there will be mountains in the distance where the sun will be slowly setting. But her face must look defiant and fearless in the face of adversity!! And above them in Biblical text but modern wording will be the following. “Before we were called revolutionaries we were called messiahs. Even now they continue the fight against the black messiah” -Book of the Zedek verses one

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